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Growing up

I grew up in the village of Pembury in beautiful Kent with my parents, my brother and Alice the family cat. Alice’s friend was a big fluffy ginger tom-cat called Jack who lived next door. He’s the cat in my first book A Snail’s Tale. Don’t forget to give him a pat when you see him in the book!

All through my childhood and school years I loved art and thought it would be something I pursued into my adult life, but it wasn’t to be. Not for a long, long while at least.

Work and my book
I studied illustration at the University of Central Lancashire in Preston and then went off and did other things, none of which were particularly arty or involved creative writing. I settled into a very sensible career as a planning officer for the local council and gained a Masters degree in the subject. Then, after 13 ... years, I decided to leave the council and embark on a complete career change.

Having had a fascination with snails since I was a child, I’d amassed a collection of hundreds of ornaments and anything else snail related, including three small snail tattoos! I’d kept pet snails in the form of garden ones, Giant African Land ones and now I have an aquatic one. So it seemed very fitting that my first book would feature snails. This has resulted in the completion of A Snail’s Tale that was born 20 years previously, in very rough form, as a university project.

My husband Gareth, who I married in 2010, is my rock and has made it possible for me to leave the steady reliability of a good job to embark on this precarious dream career as an illustrator and writer. He works so hard to make it all possible for me and I owe him my eternal gratitude. Thank you Gareth, I don’t say it enough. And not to forget my parents who are my constant source of support.


What’s next

Now here I am with my first book, not knowing much about this literary world that I’m stepping into.

More books abound hopefully, featuring my central snail
character Omalvus.

So let’s just say, watch this space for more adventures with

“By the way!” I hear you ask “how on earth do you
pronounce that snail’s name?

“Well, that’s easy” Omalvus says. His reply is always
the same.

“Omalvus is a funny, silly name, so say it as you please.

Any which way you like is correct and I
promise not to tease!”

If you wish to contact me about anything, please feel free to email me by clicking here - info@sarahedwardsimagination.co.uk


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